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Salinas Property Management Has Never Been Easier

Servicing most of Monterey County

Welcome to Bay Property Management

Family owned Bay Property Management offers experienced, dedicated management services you expect from a professional property management firm.

Our mission is to provide superior, problem-free management services and to treat all clients and tenants respectfully. We specialize in residential property management including single-family homes, condominiums, and small apartment complexes.
DRE#: 01123220

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Why Choose Bay Property Management

Why Choose Bay Property Management

We Have Over 33 Years of Experience

Ensuring our clients receive the highest quality service backed by decades of industry knowledge

We Stay Current With The Latest Technology

Leveraging our over 33 years of experience to combine traditional expertise with innovative solutions for our clients.

We’re Always Learning & Growing

Continuously building upon our over 33 years of experience to adapt to evolving industry trends and provide our clients with the best possible solutions.

We Believe In Being Transparent

Ensuring open and honest communication with our clients, partners, fostering trust and building strong relationships based on integrity.

We Treat Your Home Like Our Home

Taking utmost care and respect in every detail, because we understand the importance of creating a safe and comfortable environment for your residents.

Communication Is Everything

As we believe that clear and effective communication is the key to understanding our clients' needs and delivering exceptional service tailored to their specific requirements.

We Guarantee Results

You don’t pay us until we show results! If we are leasing your property, we do all the work up front and you don’t pay us until you get a qualified tenant.

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Our Client Reviews Speak For Themselves

"Gail, Candy and the Staff at Bay Property Management have managed our property since 2010. Their professional knowledge, experience and expertise are a valuable resource. We consider ourselves lucky to have found such a conscientious company to oversee our assets."

William and Patte

"We have used Bay Property Management since 2003. The company provides great customer service and informs us when our rental home needs attention. We would recommend Bay Property Management to anyone who considers a property management company."

Joe and Joanne

"Bay Property has managed my 2 rental properties for 7 years. Initially, I tried to be a landlord myself, which turned into a time consuming headache. Having chosen BPM to take over was the best decision I could have made. BPM quickly found good, long term renters and took care of everything to set up the rental contract. If there are necessary repairs, I am contacted and asked for approval, but BPM takes care of everything after that. My monthly statements are clear and detailed, and I can easily reach the office at any time (email or phone) and always have a response right away. I am also very happy that I could choose to receive electronic statements and correspondence, which I prefer. I truly can highly recommend Bay Property Management."


Maximum Earnings, Minimum Stress

1. Thorough Tenant Screening

Involves collecting and analyzing various pieces of information, such as credit reports, employment verification, rental history, and references. The purpose is to assess the applicant's financial stability, rental track record, and suitability as a responsible and reliable tenant. By conducting thorough tenant screening, property managers can minimize the risk of renting to individuals with a history of payment issues, property damage, or eviction, thereby ensuring a higher likelihood of finding tenants who will maintain the property well and fulfill their lease obligations.

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2. All-Inclusive Management

This encompasses a wide range of responsibilities, including property marketing, tenant screening, lease administration, rent collection, maintenance and repairs, financial reporting, and legal compliance. With all-inclusive property management, owners can delegate the day-to-day operations and tasks to experienced professionals who have expertise in maximizing property performance and ensuring tenant satisfaction. This approach saves property owners time and effort, as they can rely on the property management team to handle everything from finding and screening tenants to maintaining the property and addressing any tenant concerns. By offering a full suite of services, all-inclusive property management aims to provide a seamless and hassle-free experience for property owners while optimizing the property's profitability and maintaining its value.

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3. Rent-up Service

With our rent-up service we place the property on our website as well as various other websites with pictures and a detailed description of the property. We personally show the property to potential renters. Screen applications to verify income, obtain the credit report, look at eviction history, and check on landlord references. We prepare the custom rental agreement, provide a list of utility contact information, provide State/Federal required hand-outs, prepare any special addendums, collect renters insurance information from the tenant, and collect the rent and security deposit from the tenant before releasing keys. We will then close out the account for the owner, collect rent-up fee, and send paperwork and payment to the owner. If something was to ever come up with the tenant we are always here to help you with anything you need.

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